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Predoctoral Psychology Internship

Half Time (20-24 hrs/wk):

(750 hrs completed in no less than 9 mo, accruing < 24 hrs/wk)

# Unfunded # Funded Hrs/Week Hrs/Year
0 0 24 1152

Full Time (35-40 hrs/wk):

(750 hrs completed in no less than 9 mo, accruing < 24 hrs/wk)

# Unfunded # Funded Hrs/Week Hrs/Year
0 0 40 1824

Total Intern FTE (FT # + half of HT #):

Half-Time (20-24 hrs/wk) Stipend/Year: $N/A

Full-Time (35-40 hrs/wk) Stipend/Year: $

Start Date:

Month Day Year
08 01 2019

End Date:

Month Day Year
07 31 2020

Ranking Identification Number (select the option below that best describes your program):

Track Name Track ID Type # of interns
School and out patient services FT I-216-1 FT 1
School and outpatient services HT I-216-2 UNDETERMINED/MULTIPLE 1

Required Days/times interns must be present in agency:

The first five weeks of the internship requires a 30 hour a week commitment for extensive orientation. Our trainings are comprehensive and build upon each other, so we encourage interns to be available for all of the initial training hours. Group supervision is held on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00pm to 5:00pm and didactic training is on Fridays from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Individual supervision is scheduled between the intern and the supervisor. Since some of our caseload are clients being transferred from the previous intern cohort, we offer some interns an early start date in June instead of the mid-August start date. We provide training and support to these early start interns and find that this availability provides a smooth transition for the clients.

Percentage of hours/week providing face-to-face services: 25

Details and requirements of funding and benefits:

Girls Inc. of Alameda County is not offering a pre-doctoral psychology internship program for 2021-2022. We will have a post-doctoral training program. The full-time pre-doctoral internship stipend is for a one year period, funded at $7,000.00 for a 40 hour work week. Part-time positions are funded at $4,200.00 for a 24 hours week. Only bi-lingual (Spanish-English) candidates will be considered for the half-time position. When possible, we prefer full-time interns. The stipend is based on 48 weeks of internship which includes 3 weeks of time off (sick and vacation). There are several in-house benefits: 1) Reimbursement of mileage between work sites; 2)The agency has a small gym and a yoga studio on the premises that staff and interns can use for free; 3) Being a non-profit organization, interns are eligible for several county/state funded stipends and loan programs; 4) Pathways sponsors a Community Mental Health training Consortium. This consortium provides a few professional development trainings a year in the community with experts in the field. Interns attend at no cost.

Do all interns receive the same stipend?: Yes

If No, please describe the variation in stipend amounts and the reasons for them:

To be eligible for the stipend, an intern must be eligible for predoctoral status and have completed 3 years of clinical experience.

Weeks of vacation per year: 4 wks for sick & vacation

Fringe Benefits:

Holidays, InService Training, Library, Recreational Facilities

Locations where predoctoral interns perform services:

Service Locations: At agency/dept/address on record and at following locations

Site Name(s) Site Address(es)
Girls Incorporated of Alameda County - Simpson Girls Center 510 - 16th St., Oakland, 94612
Girls Inc. San Leandro out-patient Clinic 433 Callan Ave., Ste 101, San Leandro, Ca 94578

For each training location, is there always a licensed mental health professional on site? If no, please explain in the area provided: No

Some interns provide services at a satellite office. The interns' supervisors are based at the main administrative location at 510 - 16th St., Oakland. All supervisors are available by phone at all times, even after hours.. All trainings and supervision occur on site at the primary agency location at 510 - 16th St., Oakland. At the satellite out-patient clinic in San Leandro, several staff therapists and a case manager are on location at varying times. Supervisors are also at the satellite office in San Leandro on occasion.

Other Psychology Training Positions:

Number Hours/Week
Postdoctoral Training 2 40
Practicum 0 0

Practicum Training:

Indicate the number of psychology practicum trainees and hours per week the program accepts for each level:

Number Hours/Week
First-Year Doctoral Students 0 0
Second-Year Doctoral Students 0 0
Third-Year Doctoral Students 0 0
Other advanced mental health trainees (MFT, MSW, etc.) position # 0
  • County - Alameda
  • Contact Person Title - Clinical Quality Manager
  • Contact Person - Selene Fabiano, Ph.D.
  • Dir. of Training Title - Clinical Quality Manager
  • Dir. of Training - Selene Fabiano, PhD

  • Last Updated - 06 November 2020

  • Number of Applicants Last Year -

  • Participating in CURRENT Match process - No

  • CAPIC Program ID - I-216
  • CAPIC Member Since - 1991
  • Region - No. Cal
  • Internships Status - Full
  • Statuses approved by CAPIC
    • Half-Time 1 Year - No
    • Half-Time 2 Years - No
    • Full-Time 1 Year - Yes
  • CAPIC Internship Types Available:
    • Half-Time 1 Year - No
    • Half-Time 2 Years - No
    • Full-Time 1 Year - Yes

Primary Location

  • Executive Director - Julayne Vigil
  • 510 - 16th St.
  • Oakland, CA 94612
  • Phone - (510) 357-5515 x229
  • Fax - (510) 357-5515 x229

Secondary Location

  • 433 Callan Ave
  • San Leandro, CA 94577
  • Phone - (510)357-5515

Training/Clinical Services Offered

  • Assessment
  • Brief
  • Consultation
  • Crisis
  • Family
  • Individual
  • Long Term
  • Outpatient
  • Other