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Agency Description

The Maple Counseling Center is a private nonprofit community mental health center located in Los Angeles. The Center provides Psychodynamic psychotherapy to children, families, and individuals individually or in groups. Approximately 600 clients are seen weekly as out- patients. Clients fees are based on the ability to pay.

Agency Mission

To enhance the quality of life for people by providing excellent mental health programs and services with fees based on the ability to pay and to serve as a resource for mental health education and the prevention of mental illness.


Children through Adults with neurotic, depressive, anxiety, adjustment, attachment, or personality disorders as well as family and relationship issues. All outpatient. The ethnic demographics of our population is likely to shift as we are moving to a new location in a more ethnically diverse neighborhood.

Staff (#, Degree, Prof. Lic.)

# of Psychologists: 2

# of LMFT: 4

OVERALL Match Process Internship Info

Half-time 0 3 600.00 08/16/2023 08/31/2024 20 1000
Full-time 0 0 0.00 08/16/2023 08/31/2024 0 0
Half-time 2.00 2.00

CURRENT Match Phase Needs

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Required days and times

Tuesdays and Wednesdays for trainings. Interns must schedule clients across 3 days, which must include one evening until 9pm and either Fridays or Saturdays (to be assigned by lottery).

Training and Education Offered

To develop the clinical and professional skills of doctoral students in preparation for licensure and the demands of the profession of psychology.

X-Cultural Training


Inservice training on ethnic diversity, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, differently abled. The Maple Center recently created a working group to delve deeper into Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, and Social Justice issues as they pertain to multicultural and diversity training. As a Community Mental Health Center informed by psychoanalytically informed psycho-dynamic therapy, interns will be trained to develop a capacity to enter into the singularity of a given client's language system which is inclusive of the complex interplay and intersectionality of race, gender, culture, and all other identity issues that inform human subjectivity.

Language(s) staff can use in the delivery of clinical services:

All clinical services are provided by interns. We have several languages represented. Spanish, Farsi, Hebrew, Dutch, Bulgarian, Urdu, Arabic and Gujarati, French.


Interns provide psychodynamic psychotherapy to adult clients and additionally, will usually be assigned to the intake and assessment track and complete psycho-diagnostic intakes on clients. Interns may also request to see couples and also apply to the Family and Child, Adolescent, or Group therapy programs if they opt to stay for an additional year. Supervisees receive 2 hours individual & 2 hours group supervision weekly. A full case load for a half-time intern is usually 12 hours of client contact weekly and a minimum of 20 hours on-site weekly. Supervisors are seasoned clinicians who utilize various methods to supervise including didactic, role play, live consultation, transcripts, video recordings, and live demonstrations of their own work. Interns must attend 2 -4 hours of didactic training weekly. In addition, interns are required to attend several other didactic workshops and case conferences offered throughout the year including a dream workshop, case conference seminars with senior psychoanalysts, a professional development workshop (four hours) and periodic grand rounds. By the end of the year, interns are expected to master the ability to accurately assess and diagnose a client, develop a treatment plan, implement psychodynamic psychotherapy including understanding of transference, counter-transference phenomena, and interpretative work and be able to present the case in a coherent integrated way. Professional development is addressed throughout the year and seminars on transitioning into private practice are offered.


Required/Desired Experience:

Required: Completed practicum Desired: Completed 2nd year practicum

Brief Description of Requirements:

We prefer students who wish to be immersed in psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Interns are asked that they be in their own psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Application Procedures

Please apply through CAPIC. Students' applications will be reviewed and applicants under consideration will be called or e-mailed for an interview. All notifications and offers are in compliance with CAPIC dates and notification directives.

Interview Process:

Individual and/or Group interview. May be asked to comment on a case or present part of a case.

What we are looking for:

We prefer students with knowledge of psychodynamic psychotherapy. We want students who are warm, engaged, contained and empathic. We prefer students who are open and willing to look at themselves and their experience in the therapeutic process.

Additional application docs required (if any)

  • Transcripts - Graduate
  • County - Los Angeles
  • Contact Person Title - Director of Training
  • Contact Person - Maia Jamadi, Ph.D.
  • Dir. of Training Title - Director of Training
  • Dir. of Training - Maia Jamadi, Ph.D.

  • Last Updated - 22 December 2022

  • Number of Applicants Last Year -

  • Participating in CURRENT Match process - Yes

  • CAPIC Program ID - I-195
  • CAPIC Member Since - 2008
  • Region - So. Cal
  • Internships Status - Half
  • Statuses approved by CAPIC
    • Half-Time 1 Year - Yes
    • Half-Time 2 Years - Yes
    • Full-Time 1 Year - No
  • CAPIC Internship Types Available:
    • Half-Time 1 Year - Yes
    • Half-Time 2 Years - Yes
    • Full-Time 1 Year - No

Primary Location

  • Executive Director - Varina Bleil
  • 1945 S. La Cienega
  • Los angeles, CA 90034
  • Phone - (310) 271-9999
  • Fax - (310) 271-9999

Training/Clinical Services Offered

  • Assessment
  • Couple
  • Crisis
  • Family
  • Group
  • Individual
  • Long Term
  • Outpatient