Community Counseling Center (CCC) of San Luis Obispo County

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Agency Description

Community Counseling Center (CCC) is a non-profit, preventative care provider of premium, affordable psychotherapy for the economically disadvantaged and under-insured residents of the Central Coast. Services are provided by a bevy of volunteer, paid and contracted clinicians at 5 community-based clinics and over 30 school-based sites. Sliding Scale Program: Services are typically fee based, set on a sliding scale according to each client's net household monthly income and ability to pay. Under CCC's sliding scale program 10-15 sessions of family, couple, or individual counseling for relationship issues, bereavement issues, parenting problems and life transition situations are provided, all of which are suitable for short-term treatment. It may be necessary to refer our clients whose conditions are not appropriate for short-term counseling such as: substance abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, custody cases and chronic mental illness. No one is denied services on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability. Cencal-Holman Insurance: Additionally, CCC now accepts CenCal/Medi-Cal insurance coverage through a partnership with the Holman Group, a private managed care agency contracted by CenCal to implement the Affordable Care Act Mental Health benefit. The CenCal/Medi-Cal benefit is available to individuals (no couples or family) with "mild to moderate" issues and can be utilized for longer term treatment based upon medical necessity. CCC coordinates a panel of over 20 agency providers that are credentialed by the Holman Group to provide therapy to the Medi-Cal/CenCal population on the Central Coast. The benefit typically offers clients full coverage without any out of pocket co-pay required. In some instances clients have forms of Medi-Cal that only offer shared cost coverage.

Agency Mission

Mission Statement "Building and supporting emotionally strong individuals, families and community through confidential, affordable counseling, education and advocacy."


The Community Counseling Center has a catchment area that stretches from the Santa Maria Valley to Paso Robles. Economically disadvantaged clients of all ages and backgrounds come to the agency for professional therapy services they would otherwise be unable to afford. The primary purpose of CCC programming is to assist 'mild to moderate' presenting individuals and families to develop the ability to find choices and make changes when life becomes difficult during times of transition, confusion, depression, anxiety, stress or grief. No one is denied services on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability.

Staff (#, Degree, Prof. Lic.)

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CURRENT Match Phase Needs

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Required days and times

Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm (also weekday evenings and weekends in some instances for community-based clientele)

Training and Education Offered

The goal of the internship program at Community Counseling Center is to train professional doctoral level and master's level Psychologists/MFt Interns/ASW Interns and LPCC Interns who have a particular interest in clinical psychology. The program is designed to encourage the development of clinical competence with adults, couples, youth and families, with sensitivity to, and facility with, cultural differences, ethical issues, and interdisciplinary relationships. Objectives of Training Include: -Interns will develop further skills in psychological intervention, including: solution focused cognitive behavioral, trauma-informed, environmental and short term, goal-oriented individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy, exposure to crisis intervention and long term individual psychotherapy, behavioral medicine techniques, exposure to psychopharmacology, case management and advocacy. -Interns will develop facility with a range of assessment techniques, including: developmental testing (elective), cognitive testing, achievement testing, assessment of behavioral/emotional functioning, assessment of parent-child relationships and family systems, and neuropsychological evaluation (elective). Assessment training across domains will include both current functioning and changes in functioning. -Science and practice are integrated within the internship program in a number of ways, including: didactic seminars on theories and techniques of assessment, theories and techniques of intervention, empirically supported-treatments, theories and techniques of consultation, and current scientific knowledge regarding diagnosis classification and special populations; discussions during supervision of clinical material in light of scientific literature; and encouragement of critical thinking (and empirical hypotheses-testing) in treatment and systemic consultation.

X-Cultural Training


CCC serves a diverse population of clients, both in terms of ethnicity and demographics. Therefore, Interns will be trained and prepared to address the myriad of components needing awareness and sensitivity for diverse populations (LGBTQ, Latino/Spanish Speaking, and Veterans to name a few). Moreover, CCC encourages exploration and professional development on issues in and around inequities due to gender, race, class, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and physical appearance. CCC Interns will be asked to embrace the larger role of the agency as that of a social justice and community change agent in areas of inequity, discrimination and intolerance. CCC's proposed rubric and didactic calendar interweaves multicultural training into every element. Interns will be required to attend a yearly multicultural training workshop through the County Public Health Agency and or Community Counseling Center. (See rubric)

Language(s) staff can use in the delivery of clinical services:

Spanish Spanish Indigenous Dialects Tagalog


Under the general oversight of the Director of Clinical Training (DCT), interns will provide psychological services to Community Counseling Center clients at multiple service sites. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: -Providing individual, couple, family or group therapy; -Administer, score, and interpret a host of clinical assessments; -Attend monthly in-service trainings relevant to practice, to attend weekly individual and group clinical supervision with licensed psychologist/s; -Present field work and methodology at weekly didactic trainings (senior interns). -Gain feedback through streaming video recorded observation of session by licensed mental health professional. -Provide services at field rotation sites. -Participate in evaluation and outcomes collection, and coordinate community needs assessment within the service region. -Practice psychotherapy in the Modalities of: Psychodynamic, DBT, Trauma-Informed , Motivational Interviewing, MBCT, & SFCB, Crisis Intervention, Mental Health First Aid.


Required/Desired Experience:

Desired Experience: -Working with low income adults, children, couples and families in community-based settings -Working with school-aged children, in a school-based settings -Prior experience with case management and system navigation -Prior testing/assessment experience

Brief Description of Requirements:

Education: A high level of performance at a state accredited institution, some field experience with children, families, or individuals. At minimum the applicant must have a BA/BS from an accredited school or college (terminal master's/doctoral degree preferred). Desired for applicants to have 3.0 grade point average or better in graduate level course work. Experience: 2+ years previous clinical experience in a similar setting, with a minimum of 1 year experience providing psychotherapy. Language Skills: Spanish/English bilingual/bicultural preferred.

Application Procedures

1. An electronic application document is found on the website or can be obtained at the San Luis office at 676 Pismo Street in San Luis Obispo. 2. The interns must supply transcripts, 3 letters of recommendation, CV/resume, insurance, volunteer responsibility statement, and our agency therapist profile form. Once all materials have been submitted, an interview with the clinical committee is scheduled. Applicants will be reviewed for minimal qualifications. Those meeting minimum standards will be scored along desired characteristics including: -Prior experience in community-based or educational settings -Prior experience with diverse populations -Desire to serve the target population (economically disadvantaged) -Ability to speak, read and write in Spanish -Special skills or experiences relevant to agency settings. Note: The clinical committee contains the following: Director of Clinical training, Clinical Program Manager, and other licensed volunteer members. Each interview is scored and evaluated and candidates are taken to the clinical committee to discuss placement or are referred to other agencies in the area.

Interview Process:

The interview is conducted with two or more licensed clinical committee members including the Director of Clinical Training and Clinical Program Manager. 72 hours prior to interview a case study is sent to the interviewee with the expectation of a 5-10 minute case conceptualization/explanation and subsequent treatment plan based on their client profile. Applicants may be asked to engage in a fishbowl role play to demonstrate one or more clinical skills. Questions for the candidate include their background, current interests, educational and professional goals.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for applicants that are competent, committed, clinically savvy, adaptive, intuitive and community-minded.

Additional application docs required (if any)

  • Experience
  • Transcripts - Graduate
  • Specify Course Work
  • Supplement Application Form
  • County - San Luis Obispo
  • Contact Person Title - Executive Director
  • Contact Person - James Statler, MA
  • Dir. of Training Title - Dr.
  • Dir. of Training - Steve Kadin, PhD

  • Last Updated - 19 November 2020

  • Number of Applicants Last Year - 4

  • Participating in CURRENT Match process - Yes

  • CAPIC Program ID - I-375
  • CAPIC Member Since - 2017
  • Region - Mid Coast
  • Internships Status - Half/Full
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    • Full-Time 1 Year - Yes
  • CAPIC Internship Types Available:
    • Half-Time 1 Year - Yes
    • Half-Time 2 Years - Yes
    • Full-Time 1 Year - Yes

Primary Location

  • Executive Director - James Statler M.A.
  • 676 Pismo Street
  • San luis obispo, CA 93401
  • Phone - (805) 543-7969
  • Fax - (805) 543-7969

Training/Clinical Services Offered

  • Assessment
  • Brief
  • Couple
  • Crisis
  • Family
  • Group
  • Individual
  • Long Term
  • Outpatient
  • Psych. Testing