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Current Training/Cohort

# of Half-Time PREDOCTORAL INTERNS in current training cohort:

# of Full-Time PREDOCTORAL INTERNS in current training cohort:

Number of current Predoctoral Intern Positions Filled Listed By Doctoral Program of Enrollment:

Half-Time Full-Time

Other Trainees in Current Training Program:

Postdoc, or Practicum Number
psychology practicum students
psychology postdocs

Agency Description:

Agency Mission:

Theoretical Orientation(s) of Staff:

Bio-psychosocial, Cognitive behavioral, Family Systems, Humanistic/Existential, Integrative, Jungian, Narrative, Other: Cross-cultural, Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Transpersonal

Comments Regarding Theoretical Orientation of Staff


Are you familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990? No
If not, would you like information? No
Is the agency wheelchair accessible? No
Do trainees have access to computers to do their paperwork? No
Has there been a student/intern/trainee with a disability at the agency within the last five years? No
Are there any training staff with disabilities at the agency? No
Has the agency provided in-service training on disabilities in the past five years? No

Comments on agency accessibility:

Verified Therapist Credentials
  • County - Contra Costa

  • Last Updated - 16 December 2019

  • Number of Applicants Last Year -

  • Participating in CURRENT Match process - Yes

  • CAPIC Member Since - 2017
  • Region - No. Cal
  • Internships Status - Half/Full
  • Statuses approved by CAPIC
    • Half-Time 1 Year - No
    • Half-Time 2 Years - No
    • Full-Time 1 Year - No
  • CAPIC Internship Types Available:
    • Half-Time 1 Year - Yes
    • Half-Time 2 Years - No
    • Full-Time 1 Year - Yes

Primary Location

  • 100 Ellinwood Way
  • Suite N275h
  • Pleasant hill, CA 94523
  • Phone - 925-969-4550
  • Fax - 925-969-4550

Training/Clinical Services Offered

  • Assessment
  • Brief
  • Consultation
  • Family
  • Group
  • Individual
  • Psych. Testing